World Outreach Singapore

World Outreach exists to impact Least Reached People groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Courses available

  • Kairos Course – a nine-session, interactive course, on the purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age
  • Nations Course – a six-week course to equip missionaries with tools for more effective service on the field, taught by missionaries with years of field experience

Speakers available for churches to invite

  • Luke Chong, Chairman of WOS Board
  • John Elliot, President Emeritus (available when in Singapore)
  • Bruce Hills, International Director (available when in Singapore)

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World Outreach Training Programs

1. The Kairos Course

The Kairos course is a study of the purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age. It’s an exciting, nine-lesson, interactive course that looks at our world from God’s perspective!

  • Discover the missionary thread from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Glimpse the awesome advance of the Gospel around the world.
  • Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world mission.
  • Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God’s Kingdom worldwide.
  • Learn from some of today’s mission personalities, theologians and historians.

Kairos looks at the four main areas of mission concern which are the Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural dimensions of mission.

1. God’s Purpose and Plan 
2. Israel, The Covenant People 
3. The Messiah, the Message & the Messengers

Historical Cultural
4. Expansion of the World Christian Movement 8. Cross-Cultural Considerations

5. Mission Strategy
6. The Task Remaining
7. World Christian Teamwork

2. The Nations Course

The six-week Nations course has been developed to equip new missionaries with tools to ensure their first term is successful and fruitful; however, the course is also valuable for missionaries already on the field.

The purpose of Nations is to:

  • Launch people into effective cross-cultural ministry.
  • Equip people to bring Jesus to least-reached people groups.
  • Promote a culture of lifelong learning.

Nations is largely based on the World Harvest Institute course material which has a proven record of effectively equipping cross-cultural workers to quickly reach maximum effectiveness. Without pre-field training, it can take seven years to reach maximum effectiveness, but research has shown that with pre-field training, this time can be reduced to only three years. The course is taught by experienced lecturers with a proven track record of effectiveness in the field.

It is a six-week, full-time course, with five hours of lectures and four-five hours of reading and assignments per day. The comprehensive, intense structure of the course maximises value in the shortest possible time, while maintaining a focus for effective long-term mission service.


  • Anthropology
  • Missionary Life
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Culture and Language Acquisition
  • Cross-Cultural Church Planting
  • Missionary Strategy Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Mission Structures
  • Historical Insights
  • Animism and Mission
  • Signs and Wonders Cross-Culturally
  • World Religions
  • Orality