Cru Singapore

We are a diverse community of students and professionals, homemakers and church workers, men and women, committed to making disciples of all nations together with the church.

Our purpose is to fulfil the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by reaching boldly, building deeply and sending urgently so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus, and to help the body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.

Courses available

Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Conferences – in-depth and practical training for tertiary students in disciplemaking

The Significant Woman – discipleship course for women in a life-coaching setting

Man of Impact – discipleship course for men in a life-coaching setting

Art of Marriage Connect – marriage Bible study series that focuses on a real-life marriage issue and delivers biblical truth and practical application in a small-group study format

Bursting Your Bubble – a seven-week small group training series on evangelism in the marketplace.

Speakers available for churches to invite

  • Lam Kok Hiang
  • Samuel Too
  • Goh Hock Chye
  • Ivan John Liew
  • Yong Chee Yee
  • Amos Ang

More info

Cru Singapore Missions Training

I. Short-term Projects

For trips ranging from one week to three months, our training provides handles for the necessary mental and spiritual preparation for cross-cultural ministry. The training is usually done in small groups and the topics covered can be customised to the ministry location and target audience.

  • Missions 101 – biblical basis for missions
  • How To Do Support Raising
  • Lordship of Christ
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Spiritual Warfare, Interceding for Target Audience
  • Cross-cultural Adjustment, Cross-cultural Communication
  • Country-specific cultural training/Security briefing for creative access countries
  • Debrief and Re-entry

We can also equip you to use various evangelistic tools and materials for your outreach.

  • Conversational Evangelism
  • How to share your faith creatively (Four Spiritual Laws, Knowing God Personally, Frames of Mind, Soularium, Perspective Cards, God Tools, short films etc.)
  • Guidelines for Writing your Personal Testimony

II. Global Professional (GloPro)

For those relocating overseas for their work assignment and are seeking to advance God’s kingdom through their profession and personal witness, this one-day session covers practical handles on cross-cultural adjustment for you and your family. It also addresses questions such as:

  • What does God have to do with my career move?
  • What challenges will my family and I face overseas?
  • Is being a Global Professional the same as being a tent-maker?

There is a concurrent track for young participants (7-18 years old). We can also help you to get connected to a local community of believers when you arrive.

III. XChange (Cross-cultural Training)

Our XChange cross-cultural training provides coaching and training for missionaries to engage and embrace their host cultures. For those on an overseas assignment from three months to two years, the training duration will range from 6 to 18 hours. For the long-term missionary, you will be participating in the full XChange experiential process learning (six weeks for English-speakers and eight weeks for those who do not speak English fluently). It will involve emersion into a culture other than your own, utilising Singapore’s multi-cultural panorama. Weekly mentoring and reflection sessions will help you to apply what you are learning.

Training topics will be tailored to suit the training group. Some examples are:

  • Exploring Culture, Cultural Mapping, Contextualisation
  • Cultural Adjustment , Managing Cross-cultural Stress
  • Team Dynamics, Conflict Resolution
  • Missiological Dilemmas
  • Moral Authority Issues
  • Moving Well, Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships
  • Third-Culture Kids, Children’s Education

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