Lives and Communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ. We purpose to make Jesus Christ known through wholistic ministry, in partnership with the Church, amongst the neediest peoples of Asia, to her furthest ends.

Courses available

Friendship First – A six-session course where ordinary Christians learn to discuss the Good News with ordinary people of a near faith.

Joining The Family – A six-session course where Christians and Church leaders learn to empathize with the needs of believers from a near faith and how to disciple them effectively.

Learning Trail – The Learning Trail is Interserve’s part-time 12 months missional discipleship programme that seeks to prepare God’s called out servants to become effective cross-cultural workers living and serving amongst hard places.

Speakers available for churches to invite

Our speakers’ strengths lie in the areas of serving through wholistic ministry in hard places. Write to to enquire.

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Interserve Singapore Training / Discipleship Programs

1. Friendship First (FF) Course  (

Friendship First is a six session, interactive course to help ordinary Christians discuss the good news with friends of a near faith. One will learn from video discussions as well as the Singapore supplementary material and testimonies about the culture and beliefs of their friends. This course will enable Christians to grow in greater compassion and skills to build meaningful bridges of friendship and become more effective witnesses of Christ.

The course is usually run once every four months, but it can also be catered to the availability of churches who sign up together. An appetiser session can be offered to churches and groups. Do write in to for further details.

2. Joining The Family (

This course is designed to equip Christian communities to be family to believers of a near faith. There are six sessions of informative teaching and inspiring testimonies from local believers and mentors who speak from the heart and experiences.

The course usually runs once a year, but it can also be catered to the availability of churches who sign up together. Do write in to for further details.

3. Learning Trail

Learning Trail is a 12 month part-time missions discipleship journey that is to disciple and journey with those with a heart for the nations. There are 6 elements in this programme namely: 1) small group topic discussions over critical and practical missions issues, 2) one-on-one buddy-mentoring with an active overseas missions practitioner 3) sending community seminars covering critical topics all senders should know, 4) active missional engagements 5) personal and ministry reflection worksheets aiding greater self-awareness and 6) facilitated silent retreats. This programme is suitable for people intending to head out in the next 9 months to 4 years. There is usually one run each year, beginning either in September or January.

4. Sending Community Seminars

The Sending Community Seminars are designed to help the sensing communities of frontline workers to develop a sense of calling and sacrificial commitment in their role as senders. They happen quarterly and cover topics such as “Total Mobilisation: All Hands on Deck”, “The Unique Needs & Challenges of God’s Hard Place Workers”, “Missions, Risk and Suffering” and “Funding Christian Mission”.

5. Monthly prayer discipleship meetings

Interserve Singapore welcomes the body of Christ to join in the monthly prayer meeting (7:30-9:30pm on the second Tuesday of every month) to grow in awareness and intercession for the hard places, the least served nations in Asia, to her furthest ends. Come and be encouraged to hear the stories of workers who served in the hard places and learn opportunities how one can be involved through online means or long term involvement.

For more information about the above trainings/discipleship programmes, email