Mission Aviation Fellowship Singapore


MAF is an international Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft and to use other technologies to bring help and hope to people in some of the world’s poorest communities. Every three minutes a MAF plane is taking off or landing somewhere in the world to assist missions, churches and development agencies and other local groups to transforms lives and share the love of God.

Our Vision is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

Our Purpose is to share God’s love through aviation and technology.

Speakers available for churches to invite

  • Katherine Ho, Manager of MAFS
  • Captain Alan Chan, MAFS Board Chairman
  • Bill Harding, International Development Director

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We are an international Christian mission specialising in the charitable operation of light aircraft in over 25 developing countries including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Chad, Liberia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan and Timor Leste.

Through its committed, international team of specialists and support staff, MAF provides flights and communications technology to bring help and hope to vulnerable people in some of the world’s most remote communities. For seventy years, MAF has given remote communities access to medical evacuations, community development, and health and education programmes. For many, MAF is the solitary lifeline, enabling contact with the outside world.

MAF International has 135 aircraft and enables the ministry of 1,500 groups to reach around 2,000 destinations. In Singapore, MAF serves as a resource office, constantly looking out for partners who will support our ministry in prayer or with financial sponsorship. For those who have God’s call to minister overseas through their profession, do consider joining us as pilot, engineer, IT specialist, accountant, teacher or in management. Contact us at maf.singapore@mafint.org for more information.