WEC International Singapore


WEC International reaches out to people who have limited or no access to the good news of Jesus Christ, particularly where there is no church. Our core mission is to share the gospel, disciple believers and see churches established, and mobilize for missions. In doing this, our focus of activity varies hugely, according to what we sense God wants to do in the local context.

Courses available

1) Thrive Spiritual Retreats with Missions Focus
2) Embers Gatherings (Community of like-minded young adults passionate about
God’s mission to the least reached. Facilitated discussions, skill-sharing, seminars
and prayer)
3) Prayer Celebrations (specific guided prayer for UPGs)
4) Orientation / Training for Short Term & Long Term potentials
5) Internships / Mentoring / Coaching for individuals
6) Building Bridges Training for reaching cousins.
7) Multi-Cultural Worship & Song Writing Workshops (Ethnomusicology)
8) Missionary Training Colleges (https://wec-sing.org/index.php/training/missionarytraining-
9) People Care Foundational Knowledge & Skills Training – in collaboration with
Living Wholeness SG (www.livingwholeness.com.sg) also covering topics like
Burnout, Self Care, Restoring Holistic Boundaries, Lightening the Load of Your Heart, Addictions, etc.

Speakers available for churches to invite

  • Rev. Lee Young-Choon, National Director, WEC Int’l Singapore (formerly served in Mongolia)
  • Dr. Louis Sutton, Int’l Director, WEC Int’l HQ (formerly served in Chad)
  • Chiew Yoke Lee, Deputy Int’l Director, WEC Int’l HQ (formerly served in East Asia)
  • Wayne Cowpland, Int’l Director for Research, WEC Int’l HQ (formerly served in Chad)